Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Arvada Chamber of Commerce News

ARVADA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Increasing Office Productivity With Commercial Interior Design In Denver by Megan Thompson, Spark Interiors

Over the last ten years, United States workplaces have broken out of the traditional cubicle barrier and adopted an open office floor plan.

ARVADA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: To Listen and Be Heard: Better Workplace Communication, by Kelsey Ashton, Jefferson County Public Library

With the shift from in-person interactions to phone, email, and the Internet, strong written and interpersonal communication skills are increasingly important in the workplace.

ARVADA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: 8:30 AM Arvada Works STEM + Manufacturing Collaborative Launch on July 24

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce is engaging employers, educators and partners across Arvada in developing a new demand-driven approach—talent pipeline management—to close the skills gap that many of our local employers have expressed extreme concern with.

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